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Who the heck am I?


My name is Staci Guillot, a NASM and NCI Level 1 certified Nutrition Coach, an ACE-certified Health and Wellness Coach, and I also have an MS in Sports and Health Science as well as Nutrition, and I'm here to help you reclaim your health!


I started The Creative Wellness Collaborative LLC to help people learn to use food to heal their bodies from the inside out. I have learned so much about healing my body through nutrition and movement over the last couple of decades and wanted to share that with anyone who may feel stuck or hopeless when it comes to regaining their health. I have overcome multiple health issues throughout my life and also dealt with cystic acne for years. What really kick-started my interest in health science was a severe illness that almost took my life in my early 20s. In 2002, I contracted pneumonia which was complicated by CMV. After multiple ER trips and a misdiagnosis, I was hospitalized and placed in a medically induced coma. Seven days later I woke up on my own, and as you can imagine, pretty damn confused, wondering where I was and how my mom got there so fast (I was stationed overseas at the time). I was thankful to be alive. Since then, I have learned SO much about the amazing healing properties of food and gained a new appreciation for the human body and what it is capable of.

I truly believe that our health is our greatest asset!


A little bit more about me…

I am an avid hiker, fitness junkie, true crime junkie, runner, and pastry chef. My husband, Nolan, and I are both retired military and currently live in Texas. I was raised in a military family and am fortunate to have lived all over the world. Nolan was born and raised in New Orleans and we love going back to visit and eating all the crawfish, beignets, and King Cake we can handle. We met while serving as instructors in 2005 and got married in Las Vegas (Viva Las Vegas!) in 2008. He is also known as Summertime Santa (for obvious reasons) and is the best sounding board and hype man anyone could ask for. (Yes, he gets asked about his beard ALL the time...Only Fans maybe?...I kid...)

We love to travel, enjoy the outdoors, and check out all the farmer’s markets we can. We do a lot of home improvement projects (Nolan is an excellent carpenter), and also enjoy family game nights (if you haven't tried Farkle, you should!). We enjoy trying new foods, experimenting with new recipes, and finding healthy alternatives to recipes we enjoy (even desserts!).

If you would like to contact me with any questions about my Eat to Heal program or to learn more about what I do, please feel free to click HERE :) I would love to hear from you!

I have collected many references and articles over the years and have a living document that includes a list with quick links. I'm a huge fan of sharing information and am also a fan of it being easy to access.
Please feel free to click the link below and browse the list for anything you may want to read! 

**Note, it is a living document and will update on a regular basis**
Nerd out HERE :)

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